K and J Tree Service is a family owned and operated business that has been providing quality tree care since 2002.

Our company specializes in removal of large and hazardous trees that may cause damage to your property or other neighboring properties. K and J Tree Service also provides expert tree maintenance which may include trimming or pruning. We also provide tree removal services if a tree is dead or dying or if the tree is crowding other trees and causing them harm. K and J Tree Service has an abundant of experience with storm damage and clean up, providing timely, efficient service to those affected.

K and J Tree Service employs only the best climbers, tree experts, and machine operators. Our staff is made up of the most talented crewmen that have a strong understanding of horticulture. The crew has a respect for the environment but also keeps in mind the wants and needs of our clients. We use only the best and proper equipment for the job.

Once you hire K and J Tree Service, our tree experts will give you a free consultation and appropriate advice for deciding needs. We will use the right equipment for the job, and keep you up to date on the progress of your job, and most importantly respect your property and the environment.

Hear it from them

10. 12. 2015

Fall Cleanup!

I made plans BEFORE the winter snow. Thank you K&J!


10. 02. 2015

Fire Wood

Be sure to put in your order for next year. We received 12 cord recently. We are prepared. Thanks guys!

-John G.

09. 01. 2015

Good Communication

Did you know - The K and J team have headset radio communications from the boom to the road. Never a worry about left hand not knowing where right hand is.

-Eileen P.

01. 02. 2015

Local Flavor

Having known these guys for years, we know that we can always count on them. They go above and beyond every time.

-Ed P.

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We are open 8-5pm Monday - Friday.

24 Emergency Services are also Available

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